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Seven Manners Through Which Schools Are Killing Creativity

Originally published on The Huffington Post Ken Robinson’s TED talk “How Schools Kill Creativity” has been viewed millions of times and seems to have been the spark for an education revolution. And yet, our education system is still broken…. The problem is that the change being suggested today is just so radical that too many…

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Why Do We Force Students to Read Shakespeare?

Originally published on the Huffington Post. English teachers seem to adore Shakespeare…. Students seem to chug through it…. Everyone else in society sits questioning why our English teachers force our students to read literature by a guy who lived 500 years ago, who writes in barely recognizable English, and whose plays are painfully predictable? Now…

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Should We Require Computer Science Classes?

it is precisely because we live in this modern world that this recent subject is so incredibly important; everything around us was in some sense affected by code, and yet most of us cannot even write a simple program that calculates how much gas we use in a year.

Life Is Beautiful: How My First Semester of College Life Taught Me More Than Any Class Ever Could

After high school, everybody seems to throw around the saying that college is going to be the best time of your life, and to take advantage of it. In the weeks preceding your trip as you pack up, enormous emotions overtake you.

Why Don't We Start School Later?

We’ve all heard this one: why don’t we start high school at around 9:30, not 7:15? There are countless numbers of research reports that say that starting high school later is beneficiary to students’ academic success and health (click here to read one such study that scientists from the University of Minnesota preformed). Specifically, researchers…

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How to be a 16/17/18 Year old Entrepreneur

Many young people ask me how they could become “entrepreneurs”–that is, people who have started their own company? If that is you, first of all congrats on deciding to start something new! But you might have the question backwards: You start a business because you have a great idea that you think can feasibly make…

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What High School Didn't Teach Me Excerpt

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: Let me introduce you to one of my high school friends, who I will henceforth refer to as Jamie to protect his identity. As a student in my accelerated (read as “honors”) English class freshman year, Jamie was one of those students who absolutely devoured books. He was a zealot. While…

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Why the FIFA World Cup is the Most Watched Sporting Event of all time

“For us, fútbol really is a religion.” You’ll hear this phrase all over the world. Fútbol (I refuse to call it “soccer”) is the most famous and most watched sport of all time. People worship the likes of Thomas Muller, Neymar, and Christiano Ronaldo (truly there are chapels established for the purpose).And Mexican commentators cannot help…

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Why Optimism Always Wins

In her most recent TED talk, cognitive neuroscientist Tali Sharot discusses the merits and dangers of optimism. She calls the phenomenon “the Optimism Bias”: I am significantly more likely to believe that positives will happen in my life over the negatives that will happen to everyone else. So I’m more likely to not get divorced,…

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