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Why Competition Is For Losers In The Internship And Job Search

Note: This was originally published in FORBES. See it here under Forbes Entrepreneurs.  One of billionaire investor and venture capitalist Peter Thiel’s major ideas is that “competition is for losers.” For example, he talks about how even though Googleprobably creates less value for humankind than the major airlines, the Silicon Valley company is able to capture significantly more of the…

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How Being A Student Allowed Me To Meet And Learn From Dozens Of Successful CEOs

NOTE: This article was originally published in FORBES under FORBES Entrepreneurs. See the original article here.  This is the sixth article in a series about how a group of students at Penn created ThirdEye Technologies, a company commercializing a product that empowers the visually impaired by helping them recognize what they are looking at. Check out the first article here about how we created our first prototype,…

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