Here are Some More of My Projects

Startups and Long Term Projects: 

[Sept. 2015 – Now] Prototype Capital: A Student Run VC firm Investing in Student Run Ventures.

[Sept. 2014 – Feb. 2017] ThirdEye: Acquired in Feb. 2017. A product that empowers the blind and visually impaired by recognizing what they are looking at.

[March 2015 – Sept 2017] MainTool: A watch strap that makes any normal watch smart.

[Jul. 2013 – Aug. 2014] CafeMocha: My first ever real startup: a social network for writers to share their creative writing with the world.

[Mar. 2013 – Aug. 2013] Modular Sofa Integrated With Entertainment Center: My first patent application and physical product.


My Book: What High School Didn’t Teach Me: A Recent Graduate’s Perspective On How High School Is Killing Creativity

Forbes Writing: I write on Forbes about the ups and downs building up a company during school

HuffPost Writing: I write on HuffPost about Education Reform and Entrepreneurship

College, A Reader For Writers: I was the contributor in a Oxford University Press book for a first year writing course

The Wizard of Menlo Park: A research paper about Thomas Edison

Software and Coding Projects (Click for Github): 

Top 10 at PennAppsX: ThirdEye Object Recognition for the blind using Google Glass GDK (confidential)

Real Time Septa Metro Car Tracker iOS App. On App Store:

2nd Place Microsoft Hack at HackRutgers f2014: Dynamic Autostereogram Generator Kinect/Mac App

Top 4 at J.P. Morgan Code for Good: Messaging/Texting Web app for Mentors to track Mentees

UPenn PennApps XI: Facial Recognition Using Google Glass Development Kit

Princeton University HackPrinceton Big-Little Visualizer using Node.js for Fraternities/Campus Groups

Stanford University TreeHacks: Tinder++ Android app for coders to find their co-founders

UPenn PennApps XII: Shared Economy iOS app For Renting Items (Rather than Buying)

UPenn PennApps XIII: Meteor.js platform crowdsourcing solutions to find problems the world faces

What Are You Working On? Ruby On Rails Webapp website

Tetris for Java sourcecode

Peer-Reviewed Research: The Independent Glass Science Research I did in High School 

First author paper summarizing my research. “Fragility and molar volumes of non-stoichiometric chalcogenides — the crucial role of melt/glass homogenization” Physica Status Solidi B.

“Evidence for Self-Organization in Lithium and Sodium Borate Glasses” James C. Phillips Honorary Symposium–Glass and Optical Materials

“Observation of Topological Phases in Chalcogenide Glasses, Superstrong Character of Melts, Delayed

Homogenization and Eutectic” XXIV International Materials Research Congress Boson Mode, Dimensional Crossover, Medium Range Structure and Intermediate Phase in Lithium-and Sodium-Borate Glasses (helped doctorate student with his dissertation)

Short Term Product and Past Business Projects A startup I built and launched in a day that allows users to mix and match Keruig K-cups and have them delivered to their door each month.

Tutorosity: a platform that matches people who need a “5 minute tutor” to answer a question with experts in that area (i.e., in the same building).

Science Projects: 

11th: Self Healing Concrete (Published in Ohio Journal of Science)

10th: The Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency of Incandescent, LED, and CFL bulbs

9th: The Effect of Phosphates and Nitrates on Organic Life

8th: Building A Universal Machine

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