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Why Me?

Now is the best time for millennials to start a company. There are no opportunity costs and it’s almost more risky not to work on an entrepreneurial passion of yours. In my eyes however, too many students and millennials are still taking traditional paths into fields they know they don’t enjoy. I’m here to change that.

I have built businesses since I was in high school and my goal is to change the lives of at least 1B people by 10x.  I’m currently building up ThirdEye, a non-profit organization building a product that helps empower visually impaired persons by telling them what they are looking at. In the past, I have worked on building and commercializing platform for writers to publish their creative writing with the world, a watch strap that makes any normal watch “smart,” and a modular sofa that integrates with your entertainment center.

I did this all during school. And guess what? Running a startup during school taught me more than my classes ever could (read my article on Forbes about this experience); now, I’m on a mission to encourage everyone to pursue some kind of entrepreneurship.

Because of my experience, corporations hire me to speak about encouraging creativity in the workplace and accessing millennials. Schools hire me to encourage entrepreneurship to their students and talk about project-based learning to their educators. Startup companies and conferences hire me to talk about bootstrapping and starting up for free. Hire me to speak at your event today 🙂

Some of My Previous Events

  • Interview on “The Digital Show” SIRIUSXM: “Running a Company While Staying in School”

  • SIRIUSXM: [email protected] HS Feature About Education Reform + Project Based Learning

  • Costa Rica: Startup Island: “Why You Should Start Up During School”

  • TEDxPenn Talent Search: “What If We Could Help Visually Impaired Persons See?”

  • WHYY Radio Feature on ThirdEye

  • The Wharton School Panel: “Being a Dorm Room Founder”

  • Talk at ThoughtWorks Pecha Kucha Night Presented by Comcast and Technical.ly

  • Start. Stay. Grow. Philadelphia Entrep Talk Sponsored by Blackstone Launchpad and Comcast

  • [email protected] HS Interview: “How We Should Fix Our High Schools

  • Podcasts: The Disrupter, The Blind Entrepreneur, Using Your Difference to Make A Difference

  • Wharton China Business Forum + Sunrise Education Speaker + Judge for BPC

  • Penn Law School Innovation Mixer: “IncorproatingEntrepreneurship into College Education”

  • Vyrtex: “Life of an EntrePENNeur” talk at The Wharton School sponsored by Wharton Entrep

What I Love to Talk About

Starting a Company During School

Why do schools like Wharton and Penn Law hire me to speak to their students? Running a company is much different than starting a company “in the real world.” The secret? Students have it lucky. They are surrounded by a plethora of resources and it’s never been easier to startup in college. I love to inspire students to hustle hard and take advantage of every penny they are putting into their education.

Bootstrapping Startups

Why do conferences sponsored by Comcast and startups hire me to speak? A lot of people think that they need investment to start a company. I bootstrapped all my companies and believe it’s the best way to go forth since it has absolutely zero downside. Check out some of my tactics on hustling to startup for free on Forbes.

Project Based Learning and Education Reform

I strongly believe that schools are killing creativity by forcing students to memorize facts rather than teaching them problem-solving and inspiring them to pursue projects they love. After high school, I wrote a book called What High School Didn’t Teach Me all about how to fix our broken education system. Find out why Ivy League schools hire me to speak to their educators and students.

Your won’t be upset with your choice.

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