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Keeping Your Team Motivated When There’s No Pay, Little Motivation, And A Commitment To School

Note: This article was originally published on FORBES in FORBES Entrepreneurs.  This is the fifth article in a series about how a group of students at Penn created a company commercializing a product that empowers the visually impaired by helping them recognize what they are looking at. Check out the first article here about how we created our first prototype, and the second…

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Dropping Out Is Overrated: Why It’s Better To Start Up While You’re Still In School

Note: this post was originally published on FORBES in FORBES Entrepreneurs.  Since the beginning of my freshman year, I have been working on ThirdEye, a product that empowers visually impaired persons by telling them what they are looking at (see a demo here). Within nine months, even while being “full-time students” at Penn, our team was able to build…

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An Interview With Seth Berkowitz | How the Founder of Insomnia has Revolutionized The College Experience Armed Only With Cookies

Note: This post was originally published on The Huffington Post by Rajat Bhageria. In his book Zero To One, Peter Thiel says that you should never open a restaurant since you’ll just be one fish in a large pond. And that makes sense. You’re probably not going to really “change the world” with a restaurant.…

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